Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Great Chicken Experiment of 2011

I apologize for my long absence! Life just got a bit crazy for awhile. But I have some exciting news....We're getting chickens!

I convinced my gardening counterparts that having a few chickens around would be a great addition to our little farm. We are getting four Isa Browns, which are a cross between a Rhode Island Red female and a Rhode Island White male. They are know for their high egg production. I am getting them from a local farmer who I usually purchase my meat and eggs from at the farmers market. Here's what our girls will look like:

We are getting them as pullets which are female chickens under a year of age. I had originally thought about getting babies but I figured for my first try I'd give myself a break and skip the baby stage. These girls will be ready to lay eggs within weeks of getting them. Now to get everything ready! I'll keep you posted.