Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Do you think gardening is only for farmers?

Okay, I meant to start this blog at the beginning of gardening season but between work, school, and creating a make-shift greenhouse (more on this later) I forgot! I live in Indianapolis, IN but I wish I lived in the middle of the country. I love to garden! Playing in the dirt, planting seeds, watching them grow, harvesting all the produce, EATING IT, canning it, freezing's all heaven to me! Throughout this blog I will tell you about my garden, share ideas for growing your own food no matter your location, ask for suggestions from other gardeners, and share crazy stories about my crazy life.

So here's my story in a very small nut shell...I've lived in Indianapolis pretty much my whole life (except for a 6 year hiatus in Louisville, KY). My parents have a nice size yard for living in the city. It's about an acre. Since I was old enough to pull weeds, I have been helping in the garden. It was always our summer chore to pull weeds. Although I was smarter than my little brother and always volunteered to weed the corn...I hid in the shade the whole time :) As I got older I realized the value of growing your own food and I have come to find gardening as my passion and my stress reliever. I'll stop rambling for now. But I promise to post pictures and tell you more about our garden soon.